Why You Need to Be Careful When Meeting Online

Many people lost their faith to find love in real life and try to do it on dating websites. However, in the virtual world, you can find not only a life partner but also to get acquainted with a real fraudster, gigolo and even a maniac. Here are a few examples used by fraudsters:

You receive letters from a man in which he offers his love, promises a meeting with a subsequent marriage. You have a stormy virtual romance, although you have never met him before. Suddenly your friend tells you about problems with health and asks you to give him some money. Images of military officers, pilots, doctors, marital captains are very popular among fraudsters. For women, such a man is the most distinctive and honest. What is most striking: women will tell you that he was the best man in their lives, even if he robbed them. Wealthy married women are in focus of those fraudsters, which pulling out their money threatening to tell their husband about romance.  

Sometimes, after the long-term chatting women decide to meet their potential groom from another country. A man recommends her to use the services of a travel agency that offers very good conditions for organizing a trip. When an agency gets paid for a tour, both the agency and the man disappear.

The main task of the fraudster is to convince you of his sincerity. The fraudster is ready to spend weeks, and sometimes even months, to communicate with you. He will not ask you for money until he realizes that you are in love with him. And only after that he will come up with a false situation or problem and present it in such a way that you immediately want to help him.

Fighting online fraud is almost impossible. In developed countries, large sums of money are spent and special units are created in the battle against virtual criminals. However, we responsible for our security online. It does not mean that you should be afraid and avoid virtual acquaintances, however, but you should follow a few simple rules:

There are “blacklists” of marriage speculators, which can be found on the Internet. When you see that your feelings are rolling over, check your future groom. At the moment, many detective agencies provide verification services. They will check his location, all his personal data and all issues of interest (regardless of the country). You should try to get a few photos of the potential partner, otherwise, there are no guarantees that he sends his own photos. If a man tells you only an email, then this is the first sign that they want to cheat you. If your new fellow tells you that he urgently needs money, in any case do not send.

Of course, you should be attentive to those people you are meeting online. However, do not be extra-suspicious; otherwise, you could lose a decent man. Good luck!

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